"Persona took the time to understand our programs and made suggestions that add extra value They're part of the team not just a consultant to it."

Ali King Zurich Financial

"By including Persona's analysis exercise in our selection process, we were able to get a far better view of the candidates' strengths and weaknesses - this really helped us choose the best candidate for the role"

Andreas Kiefner Head of Global Strategic Planning, Sandoz

Development Centres

A development centre is a series of simulation exercises and other assessment/development tools that can help organisations to:

  • Gain a greater insight into people's skills and development areas
  • Focus individuals' development activities
  • Identify potential for future roles and succession planning.

Our approach

We design development centres that:

  • Are a challenging and mentally stimulating experience
  • Ascertain the current and potential skills of the participants
  • Increase levels of self-awareness
  • Can assist HR and senior management with succession planning
  • Offer participants opportunities to analyse their own performance during the centre
  • structured verbal and written development feedback and follow-up after the centre.

Depending on your budget, we can design bespoke exercises to reflect your organisation's culture and specific aims, or use exercises from the Persona exercise bank. Exercises can be linked to each other to provide an interesting 'day in the life of' experience for participants.

We can provide assessors during the centre or train your managers to do this.

Post-development centre follow-up is key to ensuring that the insights gained during the centre are followed through in the workplace. We can work with you to give participants feedback and create robust development plans so that people really focus on how to improve their performance.

"Excellent - if the feeback is as good as the development centre then it will all have been worthwhile. Well done to all at Persona"
Participant feedback from Development Centre run for Axa