"Persona took the time to understand our programs and made suggestions that add extra value They're part of the team not just a consultant to it."

Ali King Zurich Financial

"By including Persona's analysis exercise in our selection process, we were able to get a far better view of the candidates' strengths and weaknesses - this really helped us choose the best candidate for the role"

Andreas Kiefner Head of Global Strategic Planning, Sandoz


Your competency framework is likely to underpin your recruitment, performance management and people development activities. Not only should it reflect your organisation's culture and strategy, but also needs to be understood and accepted by employees throughout the organisation.

We can work with you to design a set of competencies that:

  • Are written in the language of your organisation
  • Are practical and user-friendly
  • Are in line with your current business objectives
  • Look to the future to allow your organisation to grow and develop.

We have experience of researching competencies using a variety of methods including repertory grid, critical incident analysis and focus groups.

Once designed, we can help you roll out your new competency framework by designing and implementing a range of competency-based tools such as interview questions, assessment exercises and performance management systems.

If you would prefer to take responsibility for researching and designing your own competency framework we can provide training to managers and HR practitioners to give you the skills to do this.

"Persona raised the profile of our competency framework and performance management system by holding 'drop in' workshops to communicate the enhancements and to make sure that everyone was committed to carrying out performance reviews regularly"
- Ita Harris, HR Manager, Thorogood Associates