"Persona took the time to understand our programs and made suggestions that add extra value They're part of the team not just a consultant to it."

Ali King Zurich Financial

"By including Persona's analysis exercise in our selection process, we were able to get a far better view of the candidates' strengths and weaknesses - this really helped us choose the best candidate for the role"

Andreas Kiefner Head of Global Strategic Planning, Sandoz


One-to-one coaching can be a powerful way of improving someone's performance - either when someone has an obvious development need, or simply to help a high-performer reach his or her potential.

Our experienced coaches work at all levels, including senior management and board. We take a flexible, common-sense approach and are skilled at building rapport and questioning to get to the crux of an issue. We are also not afraid to challenge where necessary and to give an objective viewpoint.

"You've been a really good coach to work with on this. I liked your approach - professional and friendly and you asked some tough questions."
Joss Jarvis, Zurich Financial Services

Our coaches can work with individuals to:

  • Identify current strengths and development needs
  • Fine-tune existing skills
  • Improve self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Increase motivation
  • Modify or change behaviour
  • Uncover new ideas and approaches to solving business issues.