"Persona took the time to understand our programs and made suggestions that add extra value They're part of the team not just a consultant to it."

Ali King Zurich Financial

"By including Persona's analysis exercise in our selection process, we were able to get a far better view of the candidates' strengths and weaknesses - this really helped us choose the best candidate for the role"

Andreas Kiefner Head of Global Strategic Planning, Sandoz

Levels & Types

We have 5 different types:

  • Analysis Exercises - participants review information about a company and generate either a presentation or written report
  • In-tray Exercises - participants take over the in-tray of another employee and deal with the outstanding items
  • Fact Find Exercises - participants collect information by asking questions and use it to come to a decision and justify it
  • Role Play Exercises (both coaching and negotiation) - participants prepare for a meeting and then meet with a subordinate/colleague/customer (played by a role player) to come to an agreement on a specific topic
  • Group Exercises - participants meet as a team to achieve a specific objective.

Persona has 5 levels of exercise:

  • Level 1: Administrative - suitable for a wide range of roles including: secretarial and clerical staff, call centre staff, frontline customer service roles
  • Level 2: Graduate - ideal for roles where there is no requirement for significant organisational experience
  • Level 3: First line manager - primarily for new or junior managers, or managers with little experience of people management
  • Level 4: Middle manager - for experienced managers, including familiarity with people management
  • Level 5: Executive - targeted at senior managers with significant experience.

If you can't find the exercise you want at the right level then consider exercises at one level above or below as these may also be suitable. For more advice go to Choosing an Exercise.