"Persona took the time to understand our programs and made suggestions that add extra value They're part of the team not just a consultant to it."

Ali King Zurich Financial

"By including Persona's analysis exercise in our selection process, we were able to get a far better view of the candidates' strengths and weaknesses - this really helped us choose the best candidate for the role"

Andreas Kiefner Head of Global Strategic Planning, Sandoz

Terms & Conditions

Exercise Conditions of Use (off-the-shelf Packs and Annual Licences)

  1. Persona Partnership exercises must not be altered in any way* - for example by translating them or changing their content - without permission. Persona Partnership is happy to customise an exercise or to arrange for it to be translated, but this must be done through Persona Partnership or through consultants licenced by Persona Partnership and there will be a fee for this.
  2. Persona Partnership exercises are intended to provide a guide only of the suitability and aptitude of potential and/or existing employees against specific criteria.  Users are solely responsible for all decisions taken or not taken in respect of such persons.  It is a condition of use that users indemnify and hold Persona Partnership harmless from and against all claims, liabilities, damages and expenses (including legal fees) arising out of decisions taken when using Persona Partnership exercises.
  3. Exercises must be kept securely at all times. This will help ensure that the exercises do not get devalued within the company and also do not 'leak' to other organisations.
  4. Exercises should only ever be used by fully trained assessors, or trainee assessors working under the supervision of someone who is fully trained.
  5. After completion of exercises all paperwork, including rough notes and the instructions for participant, should be collected in from all participants.
  6. Where a client company has purchased an annual licence for an exercise, this may be printed and used as often as the company wishes for the duration of the licence. It may not, however, be used outside the company that purchased it.
  7. Where a client has purchased an off-the-shelf participant pack, this exercise is for one time use only. It is intended that participants should have the opportunity to make notes on the exercise so it may not be reused.  Off-the-shelf exercises may not be photocopied, scanned or reproduced in any other way.
  8. Copyright is retained by Persona Partnership on all exercises except bespoke exercises (see below).

*Where an exercise is to be used with a candidate who has a disability it may be appropriate for some adjustments to be made to the exercise (e.g. format, timing, administration) to ensure equality of opportunity. Persona Partnership will be happy to advise on this.

Bespoke Exercises

  1. Bespoke exercises are developed exclusively for the use of one company. The company can use the exercise in any appropriate circumstances and modify it if necessary.
  2. Bespoke exercises will be provided in soft copy in Microsoft Word format.
  3. Copyright belongs to the company for which the exercise was written.